The block contains study materials like lecture slides, syllabi for the exam, exam questions, sample of the semester student work and recommended literature to subjects: Analytical Chemistry I (Quality and quantity), Analytical Chemistry II (IMA), Chemometrics I (Univariate data analysis), Chemometrics II (Multivariate data analysis), License study on the interactive data analysis, Intensive course on the interactive data analysis.

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The subsection Projects includes the names of grants and projects, PhD dissertations, titles of theses to study solution equilibria. Subsection Equilibria contains a description of the experimental techniques to study solution equilibria and own software. Section Piston Microburette for extra precision dosing of aggressive inorganic solutions and organic solvents contains microburette of 250, 500, 1250, 2500, 5000 microliters.

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The block contains 6 subsections of all publishing activity as Compendium, Original papers, Recommended Books, Conference, Patents and Citation Index. Section Compendium contains the input data for the textbook Compendium of statistical data analysis while the section Original contains reprints of all published articles.

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