Prof. RNDr. Milan Meloun,DrSc.
Prof. RNDr. Milan Meloun, DrSc., professor of analytical chemistry and chemometrics
Department of Analytical Chemistry,
University of Pardubice,
blok HB/D, 5.patro, Studentská 573,
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic
+ 420 466 037 026
+ 420 466 037 068
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Prof. RNDr. Milan Meloun, DrSc.


Skype: milan_meloun6042

ICQ: 224-001-003


Where to find us?

Schema of buildings and map of new complex Faculty of Chemical Technology.

The map and 3 figures with 27 photos of The Chemical-technological faculty of The University Pardubice being located in the new quater Pardubice-Polabiny is presented.

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