Academic Titles: MSc Thesis, 1965: Polarographic Behaviour of Bisethylenediaminedichlorocobalt(III) Complex, College of Science, Purkyne University, Brno 1965.
PhD Thesis, 1973: Application of Numerical Regression Analysis in Study of Ionic Equilibria in Photometric Microtitrations, University of Chemical Technology, Pardubice 1973.
RNDr. Thesis, 1975: Computer-Assisted Multiparametric Curve Fitting on Some Models in Analytical Chemistry, College of Science, Charles University, Prague 1975.
DrSc. Thesis, 1990: Determination of Chemical Model by Regression Analysis of Instrumental Data, University of Chemical Technology, Pardubice 1990.
Habil. Docent (Assoc. Professor), 1990: Determination of Nonlinear Regression Model in Analysis of Instrumental Data, University of Chemical Technology, Pardubice 1990.
Professor, 1994: Statistical Treatment of Experimental Data and Computation of Solution Equilibria, University of Chemical Technology, Pardubice 1994.
Wife: PhDr. Helena Melounová

MUDr. Martin Meloun (1972), general practitioner Pardubice Palackého

Ing. Ivan Meloun (1975), financial manager ČSOB Praha

Stays abroad: 1979-1981 visiting professor at the College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq. Introducing a new subject: The statistical data treatment in chemistry. Teaching the Instrumental methods of analytical chemistry, programming and algorithm for computer IBM 360.
1987 turne at the Institute of cybernetic and chemistry, Estonian Academy of Sciences in Tallinn, Estonia
1984-1989 five-years co-operation and regular lecture courses at the Univerzity of F. Schiller in Jena, Germany,
1988, 1989 repeated one-semestr stay as the visiting professor at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden,
Working as: professor of analytical chemistry on the Department of Analytical Chemistry, CHTF, Univerzity of Pardubice, 532 10 Pardubice
Awards: Award of the Czech Literal Foundation for the year 1992 in a section of scientific literature for The Best Book of an Year. The award concenrs the book by M. Meloun, J. Militký: CHEMOMETRICS - Statistical Data Treatment on IBM PC, SNTL Praha 1991.
Other activities: Secretary of The section of Chemometrics at the Czech Chemical Society,
Member of the Commitee for Doctor's Disertation in Analytical Chemistry (DrSc).
Referee and Member of Editorial Board of journals Talanta, Anal. Chim. Acta, Chemické Listy, Acta Metallurgica Slovaca, Chemical Papers (Chemické Zvěsti).
Hobby: Amateur photography, operas and classical music.
Reference: WHO IS WHO 91/92, Czech republic, Ist part, p. 600, Publishing House KDO JE KDO, Prague 1991, ISBN 80-901103-0-4.
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