Analytical chemistry

Proposed textbook ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I served comprehensive lectures on theoretical foundations of chemical methods of analytical chemistry, qualitative and quantitative analysis, supplemented by practical applications. The merit of subject is shifted to advanced instrumental techniques, yet contemporary analytical chemistry do without knowledge of the basic interpretations and analytically important equilibria, monitoring of chemical reactions, chemical equations and formulas of organic reagents and reagents. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY II (IMA) refers to a number of physical and chemical nature of instrument techniques, evaluation measurements and analytical nature of extraction from measured data.

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Chemometrics I.

Chemometrics is the chemical discipline that uses mathematical and statistical methods to design or select optimal measurement procedures and provide maximum chemical information from the analysis of chemical processes' definition (1982). Iin Chemometrics I is elucidated an interactive statistical analysis of univariate data, including regression analysis and ANOVA.

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Chemometrics II.

In the statistical analysis of multivariate data Chemometrics II concerns Character multidimensional data, pretreatment of multidimensional data, Multidimensional Statistical testing of random selections, analysis of covariance, Exploratory analysis of multidimensional data, methods to detect structures in characters and objects, principal component analysis, PCA, Factor Analysis FA , canonical correlation analysis CCA, DA Discriminant analysis, Logistic regression LR, CLU cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling object Mapping MDS, correspondence analysis CA.

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Chemometrics III.

In control and quality management Chemometrics III contents: The concept of loss, statistical process model, Interactive data analysis, the distribution of types in quality control, selection of multi-dimensional data, statistical comparisons of inspection, control charts Fundamentals, Limits and application of control charts, Determination of the baseline and regulatory limits, Shewhartovy comparison charts, EWMA and CUSUM charts, control charts for multivariate data.

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Computational methods

Computational methods and application of Kompendium with sample examples are taken from the Kompendium ...(textbook) in the range of chapters: Errors and instrumental measurement uncertainty, exploratory analysis of univariate data, statistical analysis of univariate data, statistical analysis of multivariate data, analysis of variance, linear regression, correlation, linear regression, approximation, interpolation and smoothing, statistical quality control and quality.

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License study - ARISTOTELES, GALILEO 2015

Postgraduate license study of title Interactive statistical data analysis takes 280 hours in the eight-week training workshops in the electronic classroom in Pardubice is aimed at increasing the professional level of staff control laboratories. The goal of all education is such a computer analysis of data, in which the user in a dialogue with the computer data extracted from the maximum amount of useful information. It uses the diagnostic charts, diagrams, and simultaneously verifies a number of assumptions.



Week-Courses include the most important methods and techniques of interactive statistical analysis of data in condensed form. It is a choice of three week-long courses, each in the range of 35 hours: The course computer interactive statistical data analysis, course of advanced tasks on the PC graphic editor ORIGIN course.

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